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Senior Experten Service

SES  The future needs experience!

The European office of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a regional representative of the German Senior Expert Service (SES). This program opens up new opportunities for local entrepreneurs and allows you to invite as a consultant a well-educated SES specialist from any industry.

The German Senior Expert Service (SES) is the leading public organization in Germany, which brings together specialists of retirement age with various backgrounds who are willing to provide counseling services abroad on a voluntary basis. Since 1983, this nonprofit organization offers assistance mainly for transition economies, as well as in Germany itself. The co-founders of SES are the Federal Industrial Alliance (BDI), the Federal Employer Association (BDA), the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) and the Central Association of Artists (ZDH). SES activities abroad are funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Senior Experts

The main distinctive trait of SES experts is their numerous years of experience, professional knowledge and competence, which they share for free, thus improving the qualifications of colleagues around the world. In addition, they often speak high-level foreign languages. SES experts have insurance when carrying out projects.


SES services are primarily intended for small and medium-sized enterprises, communal entities, social and medical institutions, as well as organizations working in the field of education or advanced training. In addition to this, SES successfully cooperates with other international development organizations.

Terms of project implementation

In its work, SES focuses on the needs of the client. At the first stage, the service accepts an application from the customer, verifies the task or the outlined problem and concludes a separate agreement with the customer or the expert. The activities of the expert are advisory. Responsibility for the implementation of the recommendations is carried out by the customer. One of the important conditions for the work of experts is to preserve the rights of third parties to intellectual property.


The customer bears all the costs associated with the project. In the first place - the costs of the project. If there is no such opportunity or, for example, the customer cannot pay for an expert's flight, such facilities may be provided by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.

Program Overview: Senior Experts Service (SES)

The program's expert in Odessa: Olga Kopylova


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