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Information * Consultations


  • Expansion and strengthening of foreign economic relations and international cooperation, in order to promote the goods and services of enterprises on the domestic and foreign markets;
  • Representation of business interests of small and medium in domestic and foreign business circles;
  • Information and consulting support for businesses;
  • Business education;
  • Participation in international projects;
  • Providing all types of legal and economic advice on foreign economic activities;
  • Representing the interests of customers at the International Commercial Arbitration Court (ICAC) at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine and other courts;
  • Expert appraisal of documents under the circumstances of force majeure; certification of documents related to the implementation of foreign economic activity;
  • Organization, participation and holding of business meetings, conferences, seminars, presentations, exhibitions;
  • Preparation and registration of documents of enterprises and organizations for the register of Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce businesses;
  • Providing information on the value of goods and services, addresses, the reliability of companies, business forums, seminars, conferences, exhibitions;
  • Design and development of trademarks, logos, patents of various intellectual property objects;
  • Registration of documents for obtaining identification numbers and bar codes of goods EAN / UCC;
  • Written translation of documents, interpreting services during negotiations;
  • Registration of certificates of origin for Ukrainian goods;
  • Issue of the Carnets ATA books;
  • Certification of quantity and quality of domestic and imported goods, raw materials, equipment;
  • Control of the amount of cargo by the draft of sea and river vessels;
  • Specialized automotive expertise;
  • Identification of commodity codes for UKT ZED (Ukrainian commodity coding system);
  • Definition of codes of goods and services for DKPP (state classifier of products and services);
  • Conducting an examination of goods in the field of state export control;
  • Laboratory research of food products and food raw materials.