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Translation services


You are welcome to use our written and oral translation services from foreign languages into Russian/Ukrainian and from Russian/Ukrainian into foreign languages provided by expert translator and interpreters (engineers and philologists) with an extensive experience at the Translation Division of Odessa Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ORCCI).

We translate:

- Statutory, constituting, contractual and legal documents;

- Commercial, information, shipping, banking, financial documentation and reports;

- Scientific, technical, bioecological, marine chemistry, medical and sea transport medicine materials;

- Sanitary/Veterinary Certificates, specifications, accounts, Bills of Lading, minutes, protocols, etc.;

- Personal documents for legal and natural persons leaving abroad for studies or permanent residence; and

 - Promotional items.

The translated documents are certified with the seal of the ORCCI Translation Division or prepared for notarization.

We translate from all commonly used West European languages (English, German, French, Italian or Spanish); and

- From uncommon languages (Greek, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Dutch, Portugal, Romanian, Serbian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, as well as from Chinese, Japanese, Turkish and Hebrew) to Russian and Ukrainian.

We also make translations from the Russian or Ukrainian languages into the common West European and uncommon languages: Czech, Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Portugal, Turkish and Chinese.

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Translation services

Translation services