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Information Services


The main task of the department is to assist in the establishment of market relations and assistance to Ukrainian entrepreneurs and business entities in the field of consulting, which enables them to correctly navigate the world of rapidly changing prices.

     Specialists of the Department, within the framework of the current legislation, provide legal and physical entities with the following range of reference and information services:

  • Issue of price information on the cost of goods for customs documents in export-import operations (taking into account the region, terms of delivery and the form of payment).
  • Providing information on the value of goods in the domestic market of Ukraine.
  • Market researches on commodity market prices.
  • Verification of price lists and calculations of Ukrainian exporting producers for delivery to customs authorities.
  • Determining the value of goods at the request of government agencies.

Additional information:

Tel .: +38 (048) 734-10-25


Information Services

Information Services