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Evaluation services, price estimation


Contract estimation:

verification of conformity of the received batch of goods with the terms of the contract in terms of quantity, quality, packaging, labeling and other indicators when accepting, storing and shipping goods received in containers and means of transport (sample application);

checking the quality level of the product according to consumer properties and its compliance with the present norms in Ukraine;

sampling of laboratory tests;

sampling of radiological research, registration and issuing a certificate of non-radioactivity.

registration and issuance of the certificate of the crop year.

Laboratory studies of food products and food raw materials (Central laboratory for quality control of goods for testing food products and food raw materials, at Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, Kiev):

assessment of physico-chemical indicators of products, including histamine, nitrates and nitrites;

assessment of the quantitative and qualitative content of genetically modified organisms (GMOs);

assessment of microbiological indicators;

assessment of organoleptic parameters;

Estimation of Content:

toxic elements;


nitrates and nitrites;




food additives (preservatives, dyes);

hormonal drugs;



testing non-food products (with the assistance of third-party accredited testing laboratories).

Customs evaluation:

product identification;

determining the product code according to UKTVED, TNVED CIS (commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity);

identification of the code of goods and services for the DCPS;

carrying out non-state examination of goods in the field of state export control;

assessment of the state of the goods, the characteristics of the goods, packaging, quantity at the time of transfer (receipt) to the warehouse (e) of temporary storage in the customs territory;

examinations related to the processing of raw materials in the customs or outside the customs territory of Ukraine (application for the examination);

determination of the customs value, code according to UKTVED, type, working volume of the power unit, passenger capacity for vehicles.


expert assessment of the property: machinery and equipment, including non-installed equipment;

determination of the cost of vehicles taking into account normal wear and tear, based on the actual condition, completeness and additional equipment;

evaluation of vehicles for sale;

evaluation of goods, vehicles at the request of the judicial-investigative bodies;

revaluation of fixed assets - determination of the residual value of goods and equipment, taking into account indexation ratios and depreciation deductions.

Vehicle technical estimation:

determining the value of loss of the commodity value of the vehicle;

evaluation of the residual, average market value of vehicles and agricultural machinery, taking into account regulatory wear;

identification of types, brands of vehicles, power units and assemblies;

estimation of the technical condition;

automotive research;

customs and other types of autotechnical examinations.

(sample application for vehicles for individuals)

(sample application for vehicles for legal entities)

Consumer evaluation:

determining the causes of defects and the conclusion about the possibility of further use of the product;

examination of the conformity of the goods to the standard, the terms of the contract, usually the requirements for the quality of the goods.

Survey services:

control the amount of cargo on the draft of sea and river vessels.

The Department of Commodity Examination ORCCI offers its customers a quick and in a few days to draw up an expert opinion on the definition of the UKT FEA code and / or State Classifier of Products and Services for your products.

The State Classifier of Products and Services is an integral part of the State system for the classification and coding of technical, economic and social information. The classifier was developed in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 04.05.93, No. 326 "On the concept of building national statistics of Ukraine and the State program of transition to the international accounting and statistics system." SCPS is intended for use by central and local executive authorities, financial authorities, statistical bodies and all business entities in Ukraine.

State Classifier of Products and Services (SCPS)

The use of SCPS provides conditions for the following tasks:

performing a set of accounting functions for products and services as part of work on state statistics;

drawing up an intersectoral balance of production and distribution of products and services in accordance with the system of national accounts;

comparison of national statistics of the Statistical Commission of the European Union (European Standard) and the United Nations;

providing information about domestic products and services to the markets of other countries through appropriate code values;
organization and maintenance of the taxation of business entities;
creating information systems for providing foreign economic relations and trading activities with access to international data transmission systems;
Use of SCPS product and service codes with a system of transitional keys as a means of communication when working with international data banks and information and computer networks.
The object of classification in the SCPS is products and services created as a result of all types of economic activity.

Example of power of attorney for the company.

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Evaluation services, price estimation

Evaluation services, price estimation