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Export Support


Center of Support of Export (CSE) was created to provide information, consulting and organizational support to foreign economic activities of small and medium enterprises. The Center takes into consideration the Constitution of Ukraine, laws of Ukraine, resolutions of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the directives of the chairman of the Odessa regional state administration, Law of Ukraine "On Chambers of Commerce of Ukraine" and the Statute of the ORCCI

The Center provides the following services:

  • formation and promotion of export proposals;
  • holding bilateral business meetings and negotiations;
  • information and consulting support for exporters;
  • cooperation with state authorities and local self-governing entities, other institutions and organizations in support of entrepreneurship;
  • providing information on European and national legislation in technical regulation;
  • organization, preparation and conduct of activities aimed at training exporters;
  • services for the registration and issuance of ATA Carnets (customs declarations for the temporary export of goods);
  • providing information on the requirements that the products should meet when exporting to the EU, as well as EU Regulations and Directives that operate on exported products.


Additional information:

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Export Support

Export Support