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Odessa is often compared to to Southern Palmira. It is a city that became from the moment of its foundation not only as a sea gate but also a significant trade center. And trade is always requires reliable, trusted intermediaries are required. This role was assumed by Odessa Stock Exchange the prototype of the modern Chamber of Commerce, which opened its doors in 1796 in the building of the modern-day City Council, and later the Arbitration Commission was established under the Exchange Committee in 1887. The main task was to promote trade relations with foreign states and domestic market.

At the end of 1924, the Odessa branch of the Ukrainian-Eastern Chamber was opened. Only in the first three months of his visit was 71 delegations. The Chamber began issuing certificates for Soviet goods.

Since then, much has changed: the socioeconomic system, economic principles- but the chamber has always been keeping the interests of businesses and the state, by protecting the domestic market from low-quality products.