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ATA Carnet Issue


ATA Carnet is an international customs document - a customs declaration for the temporary export of goods to the countries-participants of ATA Guarantee system. The Convention on Temporary Import which was signed in Istanbul in 1990 determines the operation of ATA carnets.

Advantages of ATA Carnet

  • Temporary import of goods for up to 1 year into the territory of the countries participating in the international system of ATA carnets without paying the necessary customs payments.
  • No deposit is needed for customs payments, since Carnet ATA is an international guarantee.
  • ATA Carnet replaces the registration of at least four customs declarations (temporary export, temporary import, previous export and reverse import declarations).
  • ATA Carnet is an international guarantee of payment of import duties and taxes in case of violation of the temporary import regime.
  • ATA Carnet allows you to fill out additional customs documents when crossing the border.
  • One can visit several countries participating in the international system of Carnet ATA with one ATA Carnet document.
  • It is not a mandatory document for temporary export / import, the declarant himself decides whether to use ATA Carnet or not.

ATA Carnet is used in 77 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Ukraine is a part to the Istanbul Convention since 2004.

The Istanbul Convention contains the categories of goods for which temporary import of Carnet ATA can be applied:

  • goods intended for display and use at exhibitions, fairs, meetings and similar events;
  • professional equipment (press, radio and television equipment, cinematographic equipment, etc.);
  • containers, pallets, packaging, etc., which are imported within the framework of a trading operation;
  • goods imported as part of a production operations (matrices, molds, cliches and similar objects, measuring instruments and tools, special tools and accessories used in the production of goods);
  • goods imported for educational, scientific or cultural purposes;
  • personal belongings are necessary in travels and goods for sports;
  • goods used for tourism promotion;
  • goods imported for border control;
  • goods imported for humanitarian purposes;
  • animals (for the purposes of training, training, etc., for treatment, for participation in public events, rescue operations).

Goods specified in a ATA Carnet can be exported and returned in one or more batches.

ATA Carnet is a book of A4 format, consisting of a certain number of detachable and non-separable letters of different colors and purposes. Detachable sheets remain with the customs authorities of the transit countries. The number of detachable and non-separable letters depends on the number of countries of temporary import and transit.

The issuance of ATA Carnets in Ukraine is carried out by the guaranteeing organization - the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine (Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 988-r of December 31, 2004) as well as regional CCIs, which according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 1654 dated 29.11.2006. have the authority to issue ATA carnets.

Methodical recommendations for the issuance of ATA carnets

Memo to the owner of the ATA carnets

   For registration of ATA Carnet it is necessary to provide:

   List of documents

  1. Application for the registration of ATA Carnet and supplements (for physical and legal enities)
  2. Contract for registration of ATA Carnet
  3. Declaration of obligations of the owner of the ATA Carnet to ORCCI.
  4. A copy of the document, according to which the export of the goods is planned from Ukraine (contract of performance of works, participation in events, invitation, etc.).
  5. Power of Attorney to receive the ATA Carnet in ORCCI. The indicated documents must be certified by the signature of the head of the organization and the seal of the organization (for legal entities) and the signature of the person (for individuals).
  6. Documents identifying the owner of the ATA Carnet.

     Legal entities, individuals - entrepreneurs:

         an extract from the Uniform State Register of Legal and Physical Entities of Ukraine in paper form (must be made not earlier than 10 days before the date of filing an application for receipt           of ATA Carnet).


     Copy of the card of the physical entity - the taxpayer (identification number), certified by the signature of the Customer;

        Copy of the passport - the first, second, third and eleventh pages, certified by the signature of the Customer.

        The transfer of deposit funds to the account of the guarantee organization (ORCCI) or a bank guarantee can be made. It is returned within three working days after the used ATA Carnet is          presented to ORCCI.

* If  ATA Carnet is not picked up by the customer, a fee of 2040,00 UAH (inclusive VAT) will be charged.

Upon ATA Carnet’s registration, World Council for ATA Carnets makes an additional registration charge (8,00 EUR, excluding VAT), which is calculated in the national currency of Ukraine at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the day of payment.

Cost: 2970 UAH.  (standard rate - up to 10 business days)

         5940 UAH  (urgent rate up to 3 business days)

         8910 UAH  (express rate - 1 business day)

         ATA Carnet will be issued upon the completion of the payment.


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ATA Carnet Issue

ATA Carnet Issue