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Settlement of Disputes


The Center was created through the participation of the ORCCI in a partnership project between the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine

Settlement of Disputes is a method of out-of-court settlement of conflict situations with the help of the third unbiased side - the mediator.

The purpose is to assist in finding a mutually beneficial solution.

The mediator helps to analyze the dispute, establish a communication process between its participants.

The mediator is responsible for conducting the process, observing its principles, and for the content (generation of decision options, elaboration of the final mutually acceptable solution), the parties are responsible for the conflict.


  • Saving time;
  • Saving the cost of the dispute resolution process;
  • Direct control over the dispute resolution process and its outcome;
  • Confidentiality of the procedure;
  • Possibility of maintaining or restoring business relationships with partners;
  • Ability to prevent such conflicts in the future;
  • Guarantee of execution mediation decision (in case of successful mediation).

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Settlement of Disputes

Settlement of Disputes